Hellfire expansion - never played - i'll look for it right now.
The atmospheare of the game is nice a lot, always keep you warning.

D2 i play almost every day, how my key was cloned and canceled i have to buy another original version to play again at battlenet - so i'm doing original single player characters.

My chars:
Necromancer 82: Skel mastery + Skel revive + bone spear + bone spirit

Assassin 72: Dragon talon + venom + Fade + Shadow Master - about 2k for kick - about 3 or more kicks per hit with medium equipment.

Assassin 79: Tiger + Dragon Tail + Phoenix Strike + Fade + Shadow Master - about 14k in one single kick with medium equipment - very powefull against packs of monsters what aren't imune to fire - can kill 10 monster with one kick if they are close enough.

Paladin 60: Zeal + Sacrifice + Fanatism + Holy Shield

Barbarian 40: Concentration + Shout + Battle orders + Mace Mastery + Bash

Amazon 75: Lightning fury + cold arrow + freezing arrow + valkirye

Druid 69: Cyclone armor + Twister + Tornado + cyclone + Oak of Sage - this one no one is imune.

I'm thinking to do a barbarian of trowing weapons. Just in need of good weapons - maybe trow mastery + double swing + shout + battle orders + (one skill what you want to use(like berserk for phisical imunity) or iron skin for more defense + 1 grin ward(i'm thinking about this: you kill a guy - and active grim ward, you stay in the center of grim ward while the enemies are running around of the ward you stay in the center trowing your killer knifes or axes).

Any ideas to make the build better?

Who's gonna show you how to fly!