throw barbs are a lot more fun than the usual "whirl-til-you_barbs", not to mention that they're more survivable in 1.10. melee chars really have it rough in the latest patch iteration of d2:lod.

i'm not really certain about the synergies but i don't think you need the 20 pts in double-swing, unless of course there's a synergy bonus with double throw & throw mastery. again, i can' recall this now.

you're much better off pumping war cry. it stuns opponents (duration is not reduced in hell) and at high levels, can cause a lot of damage to monsters before they even get to you.

and btw shyon, it's grim ward, not green ward. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />

get a holy freeze merc, act ii desert mercs defensive. they have a much better chance of surviving swarms of monsters. the might merc just doesn't cut it in 1.10. the might merc is much better off with an overlord necro, as the necro's minions will serve as a wall while the merc's aura will enable the skellies to chop everything in their path.

you'll have a very easy time hitting enemies from range as they are being slowed by the merc's holy freeze aura.

Thanks for the correction - grim ward.
About the double swing at 1.10 is a synergie for double trow what receive 8% more damage per lvl of double swing.

About the war cry, maybe it's a good idea, but is not for 20 points, is only one for the grim ward and it would be for the warcry too, so i don't know if the stun time is still good enough to stop the beasts even with the + all skills.
I was thinking about the holy freeze merc or the blessed aim merc to hit everyone in the first strike, or if i have ignore's defence target in one of my weapons i could get the defiance merc for max defense with shout and one lvl of ironskin + all skills.

you don't need the blessed aim merc at all. as a throw barb, you should be pumping your dex, because throwing weapons require high dex and just a bit of str. for normal, you can do a pattern of 1 str, 3 dex, and 1 con. put a little more into con once your dex meets weapon requirements. and you will not be having problems hitting because double throw & throwing mastery will boost your AR to stratospheric levels.

in my experience playing a throw barb in hell, a holy freeze merc works best.

that's it. have a sunshiny day!

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