I tried to DL (I know, but I could just as well have borrowed it, which will take more time though...) Diablo yesterday, but there's something about DL:ing in 4kb/sec that makes me scream... Will call the expert over today...

Shyon, I havn't played D2 in a while, so I don't remember skillnames anymore... Had a necro with skellies and full Trang-Oul's. Allso had a macebabbe with full IK. He had WW and conc. Allso had a coldarrow ama who allmost had full Mavinas... I'm a collector of nature, I just don't have anything to collect. Collected sets in D2 though... Tried to create a Hammerdin with all the right runewords (Eigma, HotO) but finding runes is close to impossible...


you shouldn't be obsessed with finding all the runes for a hammerdin. it's a build that is very much dependent on the right synergies (blessed hammer, blessed aim, vigor, conc) and not on "uber" equipment. you can play a hammerdin butt-naked and monsters, expecially undead, will still die en masse easily.

but this is kyra's diablo 1 thread. we're hijacking it already. back on topic for now. we can start a new thread for d2: lod. ok guys?

have a sunshiny day!

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