You've given me some ideas for a throwbarb! Thanks Shyon!

Grim ward in multiplayer games though=everyone pissed off at you! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/delight.gif" alt="" />

Grim ward is for PvM i think the war cry version would be better for multiplayer.

When you trowbarb is ready, share it with us. I like to play with different chars, not always the same swordman - i made a test with an editor and the man(trowbarb) is a killer, i`m creating now the original version into the single player game.

I read this into a forum - how to do always the superdrop in the superbosses(didi, meme, andariel, baal). You create a hell game with a char what already finished all bosses, so you enter with the char what didn`t kill yet but is strong enough to kill, go to the quest screen of the char what didn`t kill the bosses and see if the quest to kill has a message like this: "This quest can`t be completed now" and go there and kill the boss with the char what didn`t kill yet and - Superdrop - close the game and repeat.

Who's gonna show you how to fly!