And leaving will do what? You will miss the pleasure of being is somewhere you like (or at least I hope so) and give those people the joy that they flamed you from here.

Look it is very usual in here to have conversations like this. And as you can realise yourself, there are so many people from many different coutries in here. It is simply impossible for everybody to agree. Remember what I have told you once? I told you that I do not like the way Americans vote. I mean I was sure that Bush (sp?) would not be your president again. But he is. Anyway I told you how I feel about that. You laughed. We talked. That is it. You know my opinion. I know yours. I respect it. You respect mine too. We are ok. Nothing more nothing less.
Think about it before you leave.
I would leave if someone from the forum members whom I respect and like, would insult me personaly. Give it a thought if you like please.

You can have my absence of faith
you can have my everything...