I love america and american

daily show crew
al franken
most celebs
the hartland people and theire generosity (belgium tv had a small feature wher a reporter travelled from east to west and the people were all nice to em)
the city areas (Would love to live in NY (got almost the lingo down (just use [nocando] beween 2 werds)))

I mostly hat big companies (some of who are located in USA)
Fox news channel for comparing the dutch people to godless nazi's ( linky )

Microsoft: yes theire product are good marketing and copition behavior is something else

EA games: Slave handelers that push games before they are ready

Walmarkt: for banning America the book (daily show book)
I have read this book and its informative, funny, and good WHY THE HELL DID THEY BAN IT (ow yeah the 11 naked men in the middle) + it shows the fondations on on what america was build on A set of ideals no one could argue against.

i dont know who was this but Nipple gate is NOT a big deal

ow and layers hate em

Not in the mood for cheese?
That excuse has more holes than a slice this fine Gorgombert!