Kyra, please don`t leave!!
I don`t agree with Bush and his way of "leading America", but I`ve also got some friends in America you know. And from this I can tell you, the Americans I knwo are really lovely, warm-hearted people and I know you`re on of them like many other Americans, too.
Look, I`m German and there are many bad things in Germanys past, like Hitler and all the Nazi stuff. But I don`t caro about it at all, because its far in the past and I`m not guilty for the things that have happened there.
You should look at it the same way. A lot of people all around the world don`t agree with Bush, but it isn`t YOUR fault!!!
You aren`t responsible for what`s been going on in Iraq or anything else Bush did!!
You are just a wondeful, warm-hearted person living in the wonderful State of California. You should be proud of it!!!
I have never been to America myself, but when I`m a bit older than I am at the moment I know I will come to you!! I want to see my friends living near Boston and I want to get to know their friends and all the other people living in America!!!
America isn`t Bush or his government!! America is the people living there!!

Please Kyra, think about what I said, think about what all the others said. We all want you to stay.
I`m only 14, I don`t know much about the world. But I know, that you`re a really nice person and you shouldn`t be sad for something you aren`t responsible for.

Bye, Hap (liking Kyra really a lot and hoping she stays) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/disagree.gif" alt="" />

Happy, honourable fairy of the lost empire of Nowhere