I think that there are really bad things going on in America. Which makes me sad as I used to love the country. But - as some others may have stated already (sorry, I don't have the time to read all posts) - this doesn't mean that every American is bad.

Well, I guess I understand you. I am German. And there are a lot of bad feelings against Germans. Well, some of the cliches are true, of course. But I am not like that and none of my friends or family are or have ever been. (I mean, we are neither Nazis nor do we spend our holidays hanging around just drinking and insulting our hosts...) Nevertheless those prejudices hurt me in a way.

But, please, stay. Whoever said anything bad about America probably did not mean you as a person. (And if he did it's him/her who should go.)

Der Mensch ist das edelste Lebewesen. - Das erweist sich schon daraus, dass ihm noch kein anderes widersprochen hat. (G.C. Lichtenberg)