Since the danger of looseing Kyra seems to be over, tellinjg my oppinnion and try to get her back seems rather pointless, but anyway...

Where were I? It's getting late... I don't like America. I don't like your society, your system. You're the only great power in the world (and the only country exept Sweden I know the name of the president in...), and your goverment isn't doing much right. But all the americans I've spoken to, I've liked. I think this has a lot to do tith the picture preseented py the media here in Sweden. You only see the a-holes, never the good pepole. It's pretty easy for me to sit over here in Sweden and say "America sucks", and it probably do, but I'm not shure it's really true in all aspects, but yet I say it. Because it's probably true, and I think it makes my life easier to know I don't live in the whorst country in the world. (This doesn't mean USA is the whorst country in the world!)


PS in the beginning I was about to apologize, but I am glad it happened in a thread I havn't read (it's not my fault). In case I ever say anything that offends anyone, that is never really my meaning. I'm pretty unexperienced (17 years old), so I probably do a lot of mistakes out of ignorance which I can't really do anything about. But if I ever say anything that hurts anybody, have this in mind (and prehaps point it out for me (IN A NICE WAY!!!) so I don't do it again) DS

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