Im sorry, but I am tired of all of the anti-American sentiment that is going on here on this forum.

I could easily find bad things to say about any country on our earth, but I dont; because, Im just not like that.

People blaming America for everything, whats the next thing?
America is responsible for the common cold.
Good grief.

Oh well, I know my words fall upon deaf ears here.


And to those who had real hearts Ill miss you.

Take Care

Kyra_Ny <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/disagree.gif" alt="" />

Maybe you right Kyra_ny, maybe it's because you are living in the country, but i believe all that opinion(bad the most part of time) about your country is because the USA scroll up with the other countries, i for example, i hate when i read at newspaper a lot times per year many notices of interferences of USA into the other countries about many things: politic, religion, comerce and etc...
I believe that's a good reason to talk bad about USA, what USA has to do with Sadan Hussein was doing in his country? And all notices talking that bush invaded the country cause of a big lie about chemical weapons, and the politic victory? At my eyes and of many people that victory wasn't fair and we have many reasons to believe that.

It's hard to talk about other country when you're not living there, but with the globalization is more easy to have an opinion about. Please don't be angry with what i said but is how i understood the facts what happened there.

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