Hey, most people on the forums for a while have been seeing just a few of us Americans here.

Mslynx, Fliverflax, Cleglaw, Myself. Sorry if I missed any.

But really, when you think about it, Mslynx has been really busy latly ( she said HI ) FLiverflax hasn't been seen around recently, and people still think of me as a jackass. Leaving just Cleglaw around here to be the good american. We recently have been real lucky with some newer members from america, like you kyra, being really cool. But alot of the old people here still remember what is thought of as the typical american... johnson. Now lets skip over that.

Then with all this tsunami stuff, countries calling each other stingy and all, it makes Americans look bad. Have you seen how a huge amount of american sites has a link to the red cross on its front page? Its amazing, yet people call us stingy? So then we American's get upset, in chatrooms, in online forums, in real life. So people start arguing. People think American's are bad then.

People always think of how a country is just because of its leader. Look in the past. If at my school I said, hey remember ( lets just say there was a war leader who conquered the world called Paul [ I glanced at a book illustrated by Paul Kidby] ) Paul? { Say he's from Hero ( a european counrtry, in this make believe world ) } Someone would say, man, those Heroens, they're always so blood thirsty and trying to take over the world.


There, I said it. * whistles * I feel better already.

So be nice to us everyone, I've seen this exact same thing happening on other forums, but there its the Europeans being the minority. And the Americans fighting between themselves.

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