Thank you all.

A bit of Knowledge Iíll pass on to you about the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is 90% funded by the contributions made to it by giving individuals.
The reason why the Red Cross advertises itself so much after disasters is so it will have hopefully sufficient funds to supply relief to those in need the next disaster that may pop up.
Now that may seem very bad to you making money off of other peoples hurt and sorry, but letís step back for a moment.
The Red Cross is NOT a for profit organization like businesses are.
Its sole purpose is to provide AID to those in need.
ALSO, keep in mind, how many people dig into their pocket books, purses, hand bags, and wallets when there is no need or post disaster. Basically, only 2% to 3% of our earth donates funds to help others in need when there is no crisis.
Because of this that has forced the Red Cross to advertise for Donations to prepare for the next crisis.
Sadly it is really we as Earthlings that causes the Red Cross and many, many other AID giving organizations to follow this practice.

Iím just glad all of those AID giving organizations exist.

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