It's really hard not to have any prejudices. At all. Take this in contrast to propaganda (hope that's not Swenglish... No it wasn't) who I know cant give you oppinnions, it can only strenghten or weaken your oppinnions.

Now, we know that the picture of America given to us by the media isn't a very nice picture. And I guess that somewhere deep inside you have some kind of idea of what an American is like, and I know I have an idea of what America in general is like. And the picture given to me by the media (who here serves as propaganda) only strenghten this picture. So I don't like America. And before I came here, the only Americans I've spoken to is a person from Warrensburg university (or prehaps it was high school... I think it was...) which whom I was supposed to exchange e-mails. I think we excheanged four or five letter, the it was completelly blank... So, before I came here, I had had allmost none contact with ordinary pepole. I had only my prejudices strenghtened by the medias. I'm proud I didn't have any prejudices about the pepole here when I found out they where americans though (more that they're probably nice...), so really, it's only the country it self I don't like and have a certain idea of. Maybe I'll be different if I ever meet an american. Now I don't get to see you, I can only read what you've written. As said, it's hard not to have any prejudices. I try not to, I try to keep myself open, if I see pepole from other cultures I try to tell myself: I don't know them so I can't expect anything from them. They're probably allright. But I don't really know... If I see someone from another culture and I think badly thoughts of him I hate myself, because I don't whant to have any prejudices, other than nice ones. It feels really stupid to unlike someone you don't know only because of what you think of him, but somethimes that's what I do. And I have no idea of whet to do about it...


PS didn't know you used to be an alcoholic Kyra, but I'm glad to hear you're dealing with it, AND doing allright <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/up.gif" alt="" /> DS

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