"Don´t you feel ashamed beeinig an Austrian because Hitler was Austrian?" This did make me angry in fact. However I stll write them letters from time to time and will visit them next time i come to England.

Dear Bernhard,
People who says things like that are ingnorant and stupid. Hitler happens to be an Austrian, so what? You can't help it, he could be born in Belgium or in France or even in America or England! That does not make a whole nation bad. We have a man in politics, his name is Filip Dewinter. In Austria, you had Jörg Haider, everywere there are people who have the brain the size of a guinea pig. Ignore those people, you would be much happier. No one deserves to be punished for the actions of another person. You are only responsable for what you did. If you hurt someone, your neighbour is not the one who should be punished right?
I have a few motto's: 1st Whatever makes you happy: Do what you wanna do, be gay or straight, be weird or dumb but be yourself, never go into extremes
2nd Stupid is who stupid does: You and you alone are responsable for what you did, never blame someone else.
@ Kyra
You're so welcome, I just do what I was born for: Born to make you happy!!
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