In this way i say the same like You Galadriel.
Because the Allied, and at first the American Nation, make a good thing as they stop Hitler and Nazigerman.
They make the World a better Place.
And after that, they rebuild Germany to the Country it is now.
For that i can say Thank you America <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

But now? I dont think that the reasons for this two Gulf war are the same like in the second World War.
Sure, without Saddam is the World a better place.
But if i look at the Iraq now, i think that the People in this Country had a better life before.

And what will see the World.

A Man like Bush.

I see always the moment his Advisor came to him in this school and told was happend at the 9.11.
And then, nothing. five or six minutes nothing.

Ok, at last he is a normal Human and he is surely shocked, maybe paralyzed., and this reaction is still normal.
I`ve been shocked too.
I remember i, and my girlfriend, had this Day free, and we see it in the News.

But i think in this Time a Country need the Leader, so his Advisor had normally wake him up, bring him in action back.
But there was nothing of this, and so i think they don`t need Bush.
They don`t need him , and everybody can see it.
And many Vote for him again.
And this is the point i cannot understand this people.
This has nothing to do with international Politic, and i know (and in Germany it is not better) most people look first at her own Country stay good.
But they Vote for him again.
I can`t understand this. And i think this makes the World not better.
For this i cant say thank you, surely not.

Das Ganze ist mehr als die Summe seiner Teile(Aristoteles)
Aber wenn man das einzelne nicht mehr beachtet, hat das ganze keinen Sinn mehr (Stone)