I believe that's a good reason to talk bad about USA

Do you realise that by "USA" you might mean "certain people of power within USA"?

I haven't met many Americans. On backpacker I met was a complete bull-[nocando] artist. On the other hand, my aunt's family is American and they're great (and not just because they are family). I've made American friends on this and other forums and find little difference between them and local friends. I've also met a lot of not-so-nice Americans on the 'Net and I ignore them like I would someone here.

America is a different culture. It is so frequently exposed that we all feel informed enough to make opinions. Of course, we only see the exciting bits...

You don't understood me Hand, i said is a good reason when your country is affected by the USA actions, like here in many negotiations and agreements between countries, if Brasil or other country don't do that or this, USA say: out of my way i'll do it alone" the war is a good example, understood now?

I don't hate american people, au contraire i like a lot of some people here of the forum what are americans. I'm american, from the south but i'm american.

I don't want to create any confusion here or bring the chaos. I just think if we are from different countries we should keep talking about the good side(like we always do), the bad side everyone knows about it(and many times these bad things are lies what people believe). Isn't bad talk about the bad side, we have to talk about it to find a solution, but our resolution(of the people here) i believe is already made(we choose to be friends). That's what i believe.

Kyra i'm sorry for what i said before, i don't want anyone going out of here just cause of a discussion what will not solve anything, even if would solve, my english isn't that good but i believe you can understand me.

Why we don't forget this and move on?

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