when you are complaining that you cannot buy a map of aleroth or rivellon anywhere.

when you are trying to translocate to the other side of the garden.

when you are trying to drop flasks on plants to get health potions

when you are trying to find the different replies on the bottom of your screen when talking to someone.

if you beat someone and think that you now have leveled up.

if you see a white cat, call it Arhu and think it will say something back.

when you see an old man with a stick and think its a wizard.

when you are telling against everyone that you have been killed by a dragonrider, and are brought back to life by a wizard.

when asking a winemerchant dwarvenwine.

when killing a wolf and think it will drop a piece of meat.

if you try to move your mousepointer over a barrel to see how many items there are inside.

if you think you can stop the conversation by pressing the x in the bottom of the screen.

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