Let's try another game, this one goes like this.

Every 3days a sentence is posted, may be anything as long it's not unappropiate (read forum rules).

Each at a time change 1 word in the sentence like this:
If I posted the sentence "It's a beautifull day to go fishing"
the next poster makes it "It's a beautifull day to go [color:"orange"]bunjeejumping [/color] "
the 3 poster writes "It's a beautifull [color:"orange"]hurricane [/color]to go bunjeejumping"

There are some rules:
-Everyone is only allowed 1 edit per 5 posts,
-Words that have been replaced can't be replaced again, therefore all sentences should be at least 20 words long. Or several small coherant sentences.
-The new word is enclosed with [color:"orange"]bold and color orange tags [/color]

When the sentence is all bold (execpt for small keywords such as "and, the, is...") anyone can post the new sentence, any sentence beeing posted to early should be ignored.

Let's not make this post on 0:00:01 contest.

be imaginative, don't just write a random sentence, this is more fun with things taken from the news, movies etc.

Starting phrase:
A computer hacker helped applicants break into records at some of the most prestigious U.S. business schools to see if they were accepted weeks before official offers were sent out, officials said Friday.

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It's one of these days...