I'll argue the opposite side, because I think it needs to be said.

Viper is scum.

Now that is an odd thing to say, given that I don't know "viper" and I'm not involved in these back-side /non forum discussions that are playing a role here, but Viper has just given us all enough information to make this determination.

If someone here is being irresponsible, misunderstanding something terribly and telling people unfortunate or ugly rumors, or outright being malicious and evil, for Viper not to warn others and discuss what is happening openly allows this evil to fester and hurt others. In effect, since Viper claims to know factually that this wrong is happening (since it happened to Viper directly, so it's not "gossip" by addressing it), Viper is contributing to it, and we have to wonder, who is going to be hurt next by this/these people? How long is this going to keep happening because Viper won't take action to stop it, and tragically in this case, it seems to be as simple as admitting who the players are and honestly discussing it.

For a lack of honesty Viper is prepared to have other people here, even Viper "itself", hurt in the future in similar ways because someone here is misbehaving but won't ever be called to task? The makes Viper complicit in this persons evil (and granted I am assuming the Viper is in the right in qualifying someone else that way, and that it's not just a complex series of misunderstandings which in themselves could be lanced in the same way) and the next person to be hurt by such behavior will have Viper to thank, because the community hasn't been warned about the real snake in our midst - people like Viper, who encourage evil, even if they themselves do not perpetrate it directly.

So while Viper is scum, I appreciate that Viper at least has warned me that Viper "itself" isn't to be trusted.

Thanks Viper
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um...yeah dude...be careful...id watch my knees if i were you, mind you this is coming from one of the most mellow people on the forum...just a friendly warning