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Alrik~ - I do not speak German, to my shame, but I know the quote you sign with by Einstein - cheers.

From the fact that you have relatively few top say about me I deduce that you cannot see through me or are even irritated by me.

That's what I want.

I'm currently working on a thought-model (a Theory, to be exact), that says that EVERY action / reaction gives the possibility to deduce from it to the thought-patterns of the person which outworked that action/reaction.

For example, following this theory, I might be able to deduce from sentences/formulations towards the thought-pattern that created these sentences - on a logical basis. There are still a *lot* of variables, but given a certain arrangement of logical operators, a certain development towards the given sentence/formulation should be deducable.

For example : If I write "I like chocolate", you can not only deduce that I like chocolate, but you can also deduce that I'm interested in giving away my opinion about chocolate. Goind a bit further on, you can also pose the assumption that my self-confidence is high enough to say what I actually like - chocolate - and not to care about what people say about chocolate.

This in-depths analysis could be used to deduce thought-patterns from posts, I suppose. I'm working on it, but don't know how far I might succeed.

On the other hand, it is - according to that theory - possible to distrurb thought-patterns trying to deduce the thought-patterns of a poster by explicitely posting sentences/formulations which make it more difficult to judge/estimate a poster. That's what I did.


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