Could someone bring me a bucket? I need to empty my stomach.

I am not an active meber in here anymore too. But I knew what I was saying when I said Kiya = Dragon = A wise person.
I am glad that someone that I think of very high, had the same opinion with me and talked about such things openly. It was about time.
I am sorry I do not want to discuss it further though. As most of you probably know (by contacting with me during that period I am away -thanks for the friendship by the way-), I am in a state of mind this period that does not permit me to involve in such things. And to be honest, there are so many things that I want to say but I am afraid that if I do this forum will blow up. I need some time to think about the recent events and decide what to do.
There are though some things that I am certain of and they are going to remain such whatever happens :

A. When I count a person as a friend -and I do that only by my own judgment- I do not listen to whatever other people say about him/her. Thank Gods I am old enough and I think that there are some remains of brain in my head to decide by myself.

B. When I joined this forum I said several times that I took this decision because I saw how nice are with each other the forum members. Now, after almost 2 years in here, I realise that in some cases there is this kindness between members that reaches only surface. Underground a lot of things happen. Or should I say [nocando]? (Mind my language).

C. There are certain people I met here that make me feel glad that I joined at the first place. People with extremely nice minds, good heart, beautiful people who I wish to keep contact for the rest of my life and make me pray to have the strength to be there for them whenever they need me. Virtually or RL does not matter. For that I think it was worth it. However with those people I can keep contact via mail or e-mail as I do the past few months. Friendship is not infected by the environment or the way of comunication.

And one last request to the old forum members :
I have met Lowkey in an other forum and I think that he is a nice person. Please people, consider, Lowkey is not this forum's problem. Someone else is.
Sometimes I dont understand him either (Luc laughs), his English are very difficult for me but trust me on this one will you? Give him a chance to get to know him. Dont let the dark age some people wanted to bring in this forum, rule.

Side note : Sometimes things happen that I do not quite understand. Is it perhaps I become from a different culture? Or is it because I am the person I am? Really I do not know. I wish sometimes people could explain to me why some things happen. And sometimes I think that it is better that I do not understand...

You can have my absence of faith
you can have my everything...