I don't use PM's that often, and don't engage in personal problem discussions in them. Its not that I dont trust anyone here, I simply dont feel the need, and after reading this I'm quite glad that I don't.

But when 2 people agree to converse with one another on a personal level between themselves it should stay that way. When someone betrays that, and starts telling others lies (or even truths they should keep to themselves) to others for manipulative purposes, then they should be named.

Naming two-faced people who are causing problems will help protect the others who may be unaware of someones underhanded dealings, protecting both new and old users of the forum. And making the people in question cop the hell on to themselves. They think it's fun because they cant be physically reached, or they could change their name, or just move on - smug in their having achieved causing a rift.

This kind of behaviour really makes me mad, and I'm not even one involved...so I can only imaging the wealth of anger for you Viper, or anyone else a victim of some two-faced $£%@"$!

Oh, and great to see you're back around for a bit Luc... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" />