B. When I joined this forum I said several times that I took this decision because I saw how nice are with each other the forum members. Now, after almost 2 years in here, I realise that in some cases there is this kindness between members that reaches only surface. Underground a lot of things happen. Or should I say [nocando]? (Mind my language).

Well said Luc, well said. That's the reason I left this forum twice. I have seen several times a situation when: today a person is very nice and kind with you and,... tomorrow, he/she just ignores you as you are absent. Then you start to question yourself, was that kindness real or just an illusion. Or maybe be you are that rude or dumb people are stopping to speak with you.

As they say... - Just my two cents. I had to let it go and now can go back into shadows.


PS War is good for making everyone listen to you.

"Endure. In enduring, grow strong." -Githzerai adage.