I'm wondering how much of this gossip that is been talked about actually did happen and how much is merely made up to provoke certain things.

Hey person D "person A, Person B is silly and needs to be more serious..." isn't something I would cass as harmfull gossip, I would class it as idiotic and irrelevant comments.

Tho person E:" Hey Person B, person person A and person C say you are silly and need to be more serious" seems odd, my anwser would be if I were person B, Yeah SO WHAT? what ere you trying to tell me. It does seem as an attempt to stirr up comotion.

So to make things clear wouldn't it better for everyone that a been involved in gossip like this to come clean? to iluminate the exact situation? If You can't be honest on something that is still very anonymous like a forum... If you fear you could lose friends by coming clean you don't deserve them.

Either everyone drops it, or everyone comes clean, doesn't seem to any other sollution to me. I'm sure i'm outside the whole issue hope you don't mind me buggering in. I just want to see the forum go back to the peacefull thing it used to be, a long time ago. Maybe then we would see some more old friends coming back.

It's one of these days...