Wow, long read. Intresting too. Why am I only mentioned as a spammer in here!? Meh, aah well.

I know most of you for 2,2 and half years now, and everyones been nice, and mean, at times. I don't think we should keep grudges for several years, but I don't think we need to gossip about people either. I've received pm's from many people informing me about certain things, or trying to get my side on things, and I just like to stay out of it.
What good is arguing on an internet site? It won't actually help anything.

Why hasn't Seth posted anywhere he?
I was suprised thouygh to here Kiya, lets say, 'attacking' him here. He's been friendly to me, and also mean, and manipulative ( ha ) but I still consider him a good person, and I think he deserves the 'angel' title. Why? Because he is helpful.

Oh, ps: I think I deserve it too! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

Man, when did the fun times go? When Lynn would actually post in fun threads, and we'd enjoy things like the inn, and the island. =(

Lews, missing the old times, slinks off again.