it may have been my poorly worded staements. or that u have taken my words out of context. or both or neither.

whatever case that is, plus the fact that i am too lazy to go back & pore over too meticulously the words, i would liek to start with your most recent post. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

when i mentioned inaction as virtuous & valourous as action, it is not to be taken generally as that total inaction bears the effect of desired result everytime. to the situation of rumours & backstabs, there are times & places where inaction is always better, or delayed action is best. why react to every little bump? why must we resort to act act act when there are times sitting back & observe can bear better fruit?

in this case, yes, i cannot deny that cleaning the linen out in the open has the desired effect. but at the same time, please do not discount & generalise the fact that inaction can be as effective; only that wisdom is needed to know the difference.

from my side, action is very much useless as i have absolutely nothing to do with all these except for the interactions with the people involved, whose private intercourse has nothing to do with me. so i hope u understand my shock upon learning the soiled side of the linen that's out of my view.

& in the subject of friendship, yes, i agree action is a must but rumours & backstabs & lies? come on, action without wisdom & information will only perpetuate speculation, as how u described Viper's action. so let's not put things too generally?

how i see things; your true self, our true selves will only show by trial of fire. no amount of professing our principles, no matter how high & mighty they may be, means anything when actions/inaction tell otherwise. this is why i dare not pass judgement even when things now have unfolded. i can't say what Kiya & Gal did were right or wrong. i see it as what they did that they felt necessary.

feel proud for being a catalyst, if u must or will, mr Lowkey, but don't get too giddy on playing god; riling people up & telling them it's for their own good. as i always say with my fav word: TACT.

as for Seth, i am still willing to listen so please if u still care for the people here, come forward.

......a gift from LaFille......