Ok I had a look to my inbox but unfortunatelly most of the correspondence I had in mind is in ICQ and of course, I DO NOT HAVE ANY COPIES. Why? Because Luc is naive and never keeps copies. But I have a post in my inbox which can be evidence if it is needed for any forum member and most important for any Larian member.

@ Lynn is it true that Seth was in touch with you constantly and that he informed you about things concerning forum members? (This was said to me by Seth in ICQ). And is it truth that he was "behind the sceenes" as he said with you and Marian in the case of DAD in order to be banned? (This I have it in my inbox and it is at your disposal). Do not get me wrong here. I do not want to blame anyone. It is just that I feel that it is not moral someone gather information for the members and then pass it on to you. I have told that to Seth. He said to me that you asked it. I am saying this not because I want to make worse things worst but as Lynn said things must be put on the table. So I need to know. Seth also told me that in some cases he asked you to name some members Angels. And that you did this having in mind his opinion about those members. Is that truth?

Lynn you do not have to answer to any of this. After all you said it yourself, you work for the Larian Studios, and your work does not include solving our problems. The reason I would like to have an answer is only because I want to learn the truth and because this is something that I have kept in my mind during all the time I was in here considering it as a negative thing of the forum. Plus I think that you should be aware of what it is said.

Many people would think that I am wrong doing it. Some others will think I am not. For the people who will think that I am wrong, I need to say that I have given a great thought before I post this. People who know me, also know that I do not usually gossip, I do not make any questions -or at least I ask permition to ask. However people who are close to me, know my e-mail address and they know where to find me in case that this post will be the cause of my leaving the Larian forum.
Ok I am done.

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