Normally I would never do this, but in this case I make an exception

@ Lynn is it true that Seth was in touch with you constantly and that he informed you about things concerning forum members? (This was said to me by Seth in ICQ).

He did send me a few PMs, not that much and on a very irregular base. I didnt always reply to them... Honestly, I cant recall all the PMs (some were personal towards me, so I stopped replying) because usually I clean my PMs, but by accident I still have two PMs from him and yes, that was about two forum members. Because it was too personal and it was none of my business, I told him that I wont react, and so I didnt. He did understand.

And is it truth that he was "behind the sceenes" as he said with you and Marian in the case of DAD in order to be banned?

Thats a long time ago and I dont remember that But DAD has never been banned.
I would never ban someone because another person asks me, never.

He said to me that you asked it.
Thats completey wrong!

Seth also told me that in some cases he asked you to name some members Angels.
I did this once yes, but not because he asked me. On the other hand, I did check if that person deserved the title, and she did, so I made her a Helper.

Hope that helps a little to clear things up.

And still I hope he shows up here, because I (and you too I guess) want to hear his version too.