@ Lynn
Thank you for replying. I guess I knew what the answers would be. The pm I have for DAD is old that is true. But I still have it and you can ask it whenever you want. I am glad you decided to reply because silence is not good in these cases. I am also glad that this is clear now.

As far as the Angels concerned I am not referring to that person you wrote in your post. If we are talking about the same person, I know her and I believe too that she deserved to be named like this.
Seth told me not only for that person but for almost all Angels who were named like that after his proposals. Let me make clear that I am not asking you anymore. I am just informing you ok?. Many times while I was in here I wanted to ask you personally but I always changed my mind. Why? Because even if I did not like that, I thought that it was none of my business.
Why I did not like that? Because I think this is not moral. But that is just what I think and my point of view might sound weird to other people. I am really sorry I do not have any copies from the conversations I had with Seth in ICQ. I do not have any ICQ account now. Why? I had to close it down because I did not want any messages from Seth.

However, I am sorry for any trouble my post may have caused to you because I know you are bussy and I suppose that the last thing you need in your work among others is problems like this.
I thank you again for your reply.

You can have my absence of faith
you can have my everything...