@ Polgara

I really like your post. I agree with everything, specially with this part :

If you don't take your forum-friendships to serious you wont be hurt that easy because you have a
sharper look on the thing when your feelings aren't involved so it would be easier to find the bad apple in the basket.
And afther years foruming (and Interneting) you will exactly know who is a friend and who is just a nice forum-camerade <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />
(And yes I do believe that a good friendship needs his time to establish )

Yes a good friendship needs time to establish

@ Lowkey

Why do you write so long posts !
Think about the people who have difficulties with the english language !

But Barta, and others, have to promise to not encourage "polite" or artificial behavior too often.

I have encouraged a polite behaviour because i was pretty sure that this topic would have turn very soon in a very big war with agressive people insulting each other.
I was completely wrong
Everybody cares about the feelings of the other people even when they don't agree.

But i never encouraged an artificial behaviour.
In some groups, all the people seem to have the same opinion because they are scared of being throwned out of the group if they don't agree with the majority.
In this forum everybody feels free to give his own opinion.

@ MeaCulpa

I don't understand anything in you post !

@ Galadriel

Barta, I know that we didn't get along that well, but we don't have to agree with everything, don't we?

I agree that we don't have to agree with everything.
But please stop thinking that there is something wrong between us.

It is not because i don't send PM to the people or because i don't talk a lot with them that they could think that i am ignoring them.
When my PM box was full of PM i was completely disturbed.
Now i just choose the topics in which i want to post, i take my time and i feel free.
Like Kiya i need to get a life !

BTW about gossips about me Seth told me :
"I received tons of PM of people thinking that you have a love affair in real life with [nocando] (a well known french member)".
I guess he told this gossip to some other people and i have to say : no i don't have a love affair with anybody !"

According to Seth, your title of Fallen Angel, was his idea. You should be thankful to him for that (I have it in one of his pm's)

Yes it was his idea but i did not agree with it.
Lews had the same idea several months before Seth and i told him : "Thanks but don't ask anything for me".
I am not a great helper in the english section but i am a good helper in the french section.
It's easy i just have to translate in french the good answers from Raze or Kiya. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/badsmile2.gif" alt="" />

@ Lews

I still think he's a good person though. Alot of people were helping with the DAD case.

Each of us has a good side and a bad side even you !
Seth helped me a lot. He explained me a lot of things. He was a good online friend and he never hurted me.
But when Kiya told me that he has hurted her i could not stay his friend.
It was impossible.
I understand your feelings and i will still like you the same way if you don't agree with Kiya.