True, I got a mail from Setharmon dealing with the DAD incident as well - my reaction was to close down the 2nd mail account (didn't have that one in end of 2002/beginning 2003, so it was not blocked).

I wished no intervention from him dealing with myself at NO time (for new members, unfamiliar with this case => I had trouble with a member here, dealt with manipulation, the attack of my best female friend and her husband. I left the forum, because I thought my absence would cool things down - and because I have a very strong allergy against being possessed. No one forces me into friendship - I choose alone).

I was out of Setharmon's claws and I intended to keep that so. I watched if members seemed to have a trustful contact with him and was cautious in revealing my personal info then. Why? Gossip is common, one of the methods to create nearness. And I knew he liked to point out how important he is on the board and supported by Larians. Not that it was true - but added to the image he created here: grey eminence, puppeteer, spider in the centre of the web.

I only warned when I was asked by females about him. Told my story then - AFTER asking a lot of questions to find out the reason for their query. Wondered about the tip of the iceberg - how many had contact. How many he had told he had to back me off because I wanted more than friendship. How many believed that and therefore kept away from me, thus maybe becoming easy prey.

[color:"yellow"]@Janggut[/color] => how come you had the impression Setharmon and I are on close, good terms? Where did I give this impression, please? What lead to your conclusion? You read carefully? Where did I, kiya, give the impression actively?

The more I read here, specially Luc (poor lady <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/kissyou.gif" alt="" /> ) the more I see how cleverly Setharmon built and spread his spider web. But your inner self warned you, hm?

Ach, Barta - so he used the love affair weapon in your case as well? ARGH!

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