@Janggut => how come you had the impression Setharmon and I are on close, good terms? Where did I give this impression, please? What lead to your conclusion? You read carefully? Where did I, kiya, give the impression actively?

I´m not Janggut, but I also hat the impression that you were in contact with Setharmon all the time. Not because of something you said or did, but because of him. Seth and I have also been in quite a close contact. It happened when Kyra went home. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/disagree.gif" alt="" />

Seth wrote me a PM that some other person here had the Idea of something like a condolance E-mail to Fafnir. I wrote him back that I wouldn´t participate because I didn´t knew Fafnir very well and didn´t wanted to be too personal, to interupt and disturb him in this situation. Seth wrote me back that he would had just spoken with you Kiya and you and he himself would have the same opinion. He also wrote that he would be in close contact with Lynn in order to prevent other forum members of doing good will damage in this case.

At his time I thought that he is a most sensible and trustful person. Maybe I´m naive.

@Barta: If I understood Meas post correctely she recieved a PM from Fafnir in which he accused Mea of having said something bad to Kyra. Mea sais that she had absolutely no idea what happened at that time. (so - it was probably gossip once agian.)

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