@Bernhard => at that time my PM box was closed, I needed to concentrate on my job project and didn't want to have gamers in need of help for the game wait endlessly. So... it was untrue. Setharmon had no opportunity to contact me.

In general about witch hunt => true, I saw that happen to gamer Jove on the old forum. And my name was used to start it. That not only embarassed me, it aggravated me highly.

In general about blood thirst and vengeance => true. I had phases like that at times in 2003. Specially when I learned my name was used to achieve something. But mostly I felt helpless anger, leading to more caution on my behalf. And now? Nope - distance is too large. There is one thing though I feel clearly and strongly => determination to clarify that I have absolutely NO contact to Setharmon, no agreements or discussions about actions here on the forum, none at all.

Embarass Setharmon? I'd call it clarification - to demask. If he used my name to achieve something from 2003 on, it was done on his own behalf - solely.

I fully know the meaning of the word "witch hunt" - I sadly don't know an Anglo-American phrase of repeatedly abusing my name and person to achieve something. But I certainly DO know which emotions this knowledge raises in myself.

@Janggut => thank you. I don't think details are necessary. I only wanted to know if I had given an impression I don't know of.

[color:"yellow"]Edit:[/color] Results of my research =>
I closed my PM box at the end of October 2004, reopened middle of March 2005. Was in the USA for vacancy from 27th December 2004 on until 20/21st January 2005.

The last mail I got from Setharmon, where I reacted with closing down my mail account totally was 1st quartal 2003.

His last PM towards me was end of June 2003. Since then no PM contact from either side.

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