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i was alerted to this thread through a friend on msn, and i decided to come forward and share my experience with setharmon.

when i was still fairly new to the forum, setharmon contaced me through pm and made me feel very welcome. we started to be friends, but then i felt his pm's were getting a little forward. he would tell me how other girls would never leave him alone, and how they would give him naked pictures of themselves. i thought he was full of s***, but i kept talking to him and didn't say anything about it. then he asked me to do a favor for him, he wanted me to make an international phone call to a girl in europe who he said was stalking him. he wanted me to pretend to be his girlfriend and tell the other girl to back off. i told him i wouldn't do it, and began to stop talking to him. at some point after that, i don't remember when, but i talked to kiya and got her story. when a female contacted me and asked me what i thought about him, i told her my opinion and asked kiya to help me make her understand he was not trustworthy. i am very thankful she believed us.

so, thats my input.