4. Alcohol is not good for you. I know you do not drink but still I HAVE to write it just in case... Now that I come to think of it... internet is not good also. Very dangerous people in it.

And remember not to cross the street. There are some dangerous pepole with drivers licenses out there. And don't eat, you might get foodpoisoned.


Knock it off Ube ok?
Jesus what did you wanted me to say to Lews? Well done, drinking is good, go on take an example from Seth? He was talking with someone who was drunk in the ICQ for crying out loud! Of course it is everyone's decision what he/she is going to do with their life but I have to tell, you know? And if this sounds funny to you, well then allow me to wish you NEVER know the results that alcohol can bring to someone's life.
Luc pissed off with Ube too

You can have my absence of faith
you can have my everything...