Hi Bernhard

Could someone (Jang, Barta,...) I know you have some talent could give me a hint on how to create banners. I just haven´t tried it before and have no idea on how to do it and which programs I would need...

First thanks a lot for saying that i have talent on the PC. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shame.gif" alt="" />
But i am just a little beginner. I only know how to make very few things.
My wonderful banner is a present from Janggut.

For making your banner you need a graphic program.
The most known are PhotoShop, PaintShopPro, The Gimp.
The Gimp is a free program and Raze told somewhere in the forum that it is a good program.
There are many other graphic programs free or cheaper than PhotoShop.

In the case of my banner, Janggut used 2 pictures.
For the font he took a pic of a wall in the Citadel in Beyond Divinity then he added the 2 characters from the pic of the header of Beyond Divinity.

The program allows to insert text in the pic, like "Friends of Larian" at the top of the banner and "Serving potatoes to Divinity fans since presidency" at the bottom of the banner.

I am not sure but i think that he has drawn himself "Café Barta" in the center of the banner.

It's a very great work !

If i had to make a banner by myself i would do something a lot more simple.
I would choose only one pic for the font.
I would resize the pic with the program and then i would add some text in the picture.
With some imagination it is possible to make something nice.

If you are interested by this kind of things, try to make the banner by yourself.
You will be very proud for having made it all by yourself.