allright, i need some help. when im approaching the city where captain mitrox is stationend my computer gives an error repport and dd chrashes. it happens over and over. it does not matter from which direction im coming. if it only would be for the quests he gives i would not make a big deal of it, but he got the teleportation scroll of the humans! i had it once before in aleroth, 5th level of the catacombes. i started speaking to the skeleton and when i pressed the 'what are you doing button' it chrasched without errormessage. so i cheked the errorfile of dd. it said it couldnt load the storyfile so i took the story file of my oldest save(just after opening the catacombes) and replaced it with the other. i hade no more troubles with the skeleton thingy.(i also gainend double xp for finding teleporter stone: i had the first one in my backpack and the second one in front of a bed, i used the first one and was transported to the room wich would be normally full of skeletons. i needed to get back to aleroth so i used the portal stone. i figured out i just needed to put the other stone i my inventory.) but now it says nothing about a file that could not be laoded. any suggestions or something that can help me?