I did write a few things in rhymes and meters back at school, but I found this quite boring, especially since it acted like a corset to my thoughts and feelings I tried to express.

Free verse is my thing, since it doesn't put unnatural constraints over what I want to express. Feelings, emortions and thoughts that don't apply to a pattern like logic are very difficult to be expressed through contraints like a special meter. Some manage to do it, though, and I have very high respect towards those who do (and can). I think, if I tried to write what I want to express in such a way (for example like Shakespeare's Sonnets, to which I have a very high respect), I would end up with *far* more time spending over calculating on how to actually put my words instead of writing freele like in a "thought stream".

If you are interested, I can give you this text : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stream_of_consciousness

I only found this term very recently, so I think it is far more common among Free Verse than people might realize.

Also, it describes very much the way I write.

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