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@ raze: you should've finished diablo 1. the deeper you go into the cathedral, the better it gets. seeing as you've only done about 3/4's of it, i don't think you've reached archbishop lazarus's lair. it's one of the highlights of the game. very tough fight indeed, and a very creeepy atmosphere down there.

guys, if you're into the complex character building process of nwn (read: fond of "uber" builds), you might want to check out "the arena of champions" mod:

it's a place where you test your builds by battling tough opponents. i've dl'ed it but haven't actually tested the mod yet, as it requires nwn patch 1.66, which i'm having problem downloading. but i've read in the walkthrough that the arena has a deathmatch mode, where you go vs various bosses including lucifer's mistress, baal the lord of destruction, and lord lucifer himself. as soon as you complete the deathmatch mode, you will unlock the holy way mode where you will take part in the war between the forces of light and darkness. that's as far as i've gone in the walkthrough. will post some more if i can actually test the mod.

i do use this mod for testing various char builds, though:

"a novice to epic character maker mod", where you can also do battle against various opponents to test yourself. it's a simple mod, pretty easy to use. but there's a sidelight to it: it's a sort of a cheat also, since you can give yourself gold, exp, and buy items for your char. your char then can have the option to play the oc, sou or hotu. frankly, i never did that because i think it's plain & simple cheating. but hey, to each his own. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />

jang, it's true. nwn is a very replayable game, maybe the most replayable among all the games right now. in fact, that's been a comment often repeated in after having gone through the oc and all its expansions, i have already become tired of playing nwn, until i discovered the modules in the vault site. there's just something for everyone there. for example, i loved icewind dale ii but never got to play icewind dale 1 and its expansion, heart of winter. so what did i do? i searched nwvault for that and came up with a mod "heart of winter". a lot of custom items from heart of winter are there i've read. haven't really gone that far into the mod yet, but the atmosphere is just so icewind dale-ish.

i wish divinity 2 will have this level of replayability. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/up.gif" alt="" />

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