I am sorry if I sounded rude, Why do you say it was a stupid question? you are to hard on your self.

I played Beyond Divinity a long time ago and i did not remember very well the quest with the gem.
I thought that the gem was for the smith for getting the sword.
It's why i said it was a stupid question.

So if I download this file of Raze what will it do for me?
You see I am very dumb about about computers so I do not understand most of the tech help people give on the forum.

I guess you could get get the gem by downloading the file.
I am also not good with computers and i don't understand the technical posts made by Raze.
But i know that these posts help a lot of people who are stuck in the game.

The quest with the gem is not a main quest and if you can't do it, it's not really important.

I hope you enjoy playing Beyond Divinity.