I think Ube is referring to the fact (correct me if am wrong) that most RPG's in the past have been very linear and more combat oriented. True enough I would say...there werent exactly multiple endings in any of the Zelda games...the only true RPG's (you are all going to hate this) I have really experienced are Open ended MMO's.

Before your heads explode let me explain...

There are three types of games that fit this role i think

1. Games like the original Zelda, great story, great fighting etc etc but no matter what you do you simply progress as the same guy in the same story...LINEAR

2. The NWN type games, you make more choices you develop a characters general attitudes/outlooks but the game still ends the same way, less linear SAME BEGINNING AND END for everyone...

3. In an open ended MMO like shadowbane (or like darkfall will hopefully be) you reach the pinnacle of role playing...not only do you develop your characters attitude and alignment, but also his reactions and speech. There is no endgame per se...You can create nations, topple them whatever. Granted there are the 14 year old simpletons that run around using nothing but L337 speak and crap but they are easy to add to the ignore list.

Ok ok ok now you can call me wrong~! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />