The only DOS-game I'm interested in is Ultima 7, which I have downloaded, but have problems installing, due to the lack of DOS in Windows XP (I have an american emulator, which is difficult to use).


If the emulator you have is DosBox, than I know exactly what you mean. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" /> If it's not, than I suggest getting DosBox, because it works very well.

Here, this is some info I used to learn how to use it.

[color:"yellow"] First, download DOSbox from the DOSbox website at sourceforge.net. Run the file and DOSbox will be installed on your computer. Now go to the folder where you installed DOSbox and run DOSbox, or go to the Windows Start Menu and use the shortcut to start DOSbox. Two windows will open. One is the kernel and the other one is the window you have to type in. It will start on virtual drive Z:\. Because most people don't have a Z:\ disk on his/her computer, you have to go to the drive you installed the game on. Usually this will be the C:\ or D:\ drive. I will use the C:\ drive as an example. First, type "mount c c:\". This will recognize the C:\ disk as the Virtual C:\ disk within DOSbox.

Now type "C:". Guess what, you’re now on your C:\ disk! If you extracted the game called "game.exe" to the folder games\game, you have to browse to there. You can do this by using the cd commands. For example, first type "cd games" and then "cd game". Then you have to start the game. This is simple enough to remember: type "game", without the extension (.exe). The game will then start so you can play it.

The game may run very slow or DOSbox may crash. If DOSbox crashes, it is useless to try again. DOSbox won’t work in this case, but there are more options to allow your games run in Windows XP.

Hope that helps.

Man, I haven't played any of the original BG games. Just the first Dark Alliance. I should really try them out, you guys make them sound interesting.


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