I am close 50 years old and have played many CRPG, although a mortgage and kids has seriously curtailed what I can afford these days.

My first was on an Amiga - Megatraveller, it was a space RPG, I thought it was quite advanced for its time.

My favourites ( at the time I played them )

Underworld 1 Stygian Abyess, I think I got more play out of this than Oblivion!

The first Elder Scrolls - the main quest dungeons were designed individually and had a variety that all later Elder Scroll games, inlcuding Oblivion have not reproduced.

Crusaders of the Dark Savant - the only CRPG where I have had to resort to serious help to solve.

Ravenloft 2 - I think this was the pinnacle of the SSI games

Wizards and Warriors - one the better ones in the last 5 years.

There has been some that I could never really get into --

I bought Dungeon Siege from a bargain bin last month and have tossed it, all hack and slash and a serious no brainer.