The gravestones in the bee/wasp garden are a reference to Larian's first RPG, The Lady the Mage and the Knight, which was killed by the publisher before it was finished.

Well, not exactly right. I wouldn't say "killed".

Larian & Attic split in kind of quarrel, and Larian had to quickly invent something new ("Project C").

Technically, LMK was still with Attic, but Attic went out of business. It doesn't exist today anymore, as I learned from a serious source.

So, the only ones who have the remains could be the employees of Attic - or members of Larian studios.

One reason which made Attic & Larian split was that there were many requests for changes made - too many perhaps.

You can find more information here :
I don't know whether there exists a translation of the text.

And this is my thread, explaining things as I had understood them a bit :
History of the Lost Kingdom books

You can find some remains of LMK on Marian's own site :

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