There is one thing i would like to see.

The same equipment except for
1. Introduce a cape(dosnt have to do aything,it will just look nice)
If you want to wear it.
2. Have body armour include protection for the arms. OR have a seperate armour for the arms i.e bracers.
3. Instead of leggings have bottoms. Leggings only cover from the knee down and not the knee up to the body. Or you could have skirts.
(I rather like the knights in the fighters guild bottoms..nice steel plated ones).

Helmets need not be so traditional..if you want to play a thief your face will be covered and so you could have various head garment instead of a helemt..e.g

silk wrappings
Durability 6/6
5 % chance of blocking
armour 15
+3 to agility
+ 1 to embrace shadows
Req agility 25

Or if your a wizard you would want a wizards hat <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mage.gif" alt="" />
Nice and pointy.