It would be nice if in addition to an original storyline (not "an old evil has risen again, we need to destroy it in order to save the world") and quests with multiple solutions where your choices really have an impact on the world, you could focus on some of the strengths that made <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/div.gif" alt="" /> fun to play:

  • freedom of action - as long as you're up to the challenge, you are free to go almost anywhere and to do most quests in any order you like
  • large choice of skills and spells to choose from, so you can really customize your character and play a warrior who still knows a few spells or a mage with a few thief skills
  • random treasure and items stats for an increased replayability - and each game you play is unique
  • some items you can gather and combine - whether it's alchemy again or some simple crafting system

I'd also welcome a few adventure-type puzzles here and there. And if you include a hint system that points you along quests, please don't forget the option to turn it off. I don't want the game to take me by the hand and do all the thinking for me.