i would like the new RPG to be slightly similar to the old Divine <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/div.gif" alt="" /> in the sense that the world is cut up according to regions, not acts nor story arcs.

also i would like the new RPG to retain teleporter portals with SDK in mind (thanks to D for the idea) so when players create new modules, these modules can be used to expand the game (to go there, simply choose it in the list of teleporter destination). of course, this should be available after completing the original campaign & such, in order not to spoil the game by modules that can serve as cheats.

a whole lot more NPCs will be wonderful too, however too many with more or less the same personalities (generic) would not make it any better. probably instead of more NPCs, give the NPCs more depth & not just a one-quest-giver. we can inter-relate quests & NPCs so we get to visit the same ones again & again as well as discover (or re-discover) the kind of personalities they have.

in the same vein as what i mentioned of NPCs (more depth & inter-relationships), instead of one big whole world with more or less the same stuff, it can be a small tight world where the quest can be to find the way out of that small world, which sequels of the game can expand the world bit by bit.

for example, the first one can be restricted to say Rivellon which a village boy or girl aspires to be (fill in job description) & also learnt from travellers & merchants & whatever that the world is bigger than just Rivellon. so in a way, the game can be about our characters growing up to be (or trying to) what he or she wants to be.

of course, this sounds a lot like the premise of Fable. however Larian's new game can be a whole lot better in the sense that in can be more than just pure combat to progress.

i have more ideas here for the new game but to sum it all up, i would like it to be as how DD was to me when i first played it - not as just a game, not as just one of the best RPGs, but as one of the most memorable gaming experience.

this is what i hope & expect of the Larians. because i know they can. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

......a gift from LaFille......