- Event driven storyline, not just quest unlocking. For example: A city of warrriors you can't enter unless you've proven yourself a worthy warrior (by defeating x members of that gang), but If you defeated two times as much of that gang before going to the city, "You're that guy that messed up those gang members aren't you, I've heard about you, please enter".

- no questionmarks indicating quest givers, they rather wave at you our whisper while you pass by. You can learn about quests by the chatter of villagers: "have you heard? the sherrif is looking for mercanaries to put an end to those redscarfs raiding. Yes I did, but no-one seems to be brave enough to face those rats, I would, if my farm wouldn't need my constant attention"

- Alchemy and Crafting are not predefined items, giving the player plenty options to expiriment and "This doesn't look..." followed a bang and health loss depending on the amounts used. SO be carefull not to poison or blow yourself. Or crafting a sword that drains your mana not that of your foe.

- Respawning of npc's and monsters but slowly, if you kill 100 orcs, a day later their won't be another 100 orcs but maybe 10 scouts.

- no socketed items, gems.. but materials for blacksmithing, charming and alchemy applications..

- big world, loads of quests, good and great storyline, lore..

It's one of these days...