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There is so much to want but ill guess we'll have to trust Larian on their experience and iedeas for the most. Guess they'll know we want another game like DD and not BD (no chapters). They know we want the really great interaction with objects again (at least i want that). Perhaps make some of the skills like alchemy a bit more complicated.

But overall 1 thing is most important to me. The world must be alive. Must suck you in and dont let you go. A world that lets you take your own path and decisions and gives you the feeling what you do has use. (imo Gothic 3 did this rather well too)

Another thing what would be nice is friendly creatures too, perhaps some interactive. Not just slaughter all you see (only if you choose to) but forest creatures and stuff must not be all agressive. Perhaps some if you are in their territory. Some predators, searching for you and killing other creatures. Some creatures not agressive at all only if you seriously threat em.

Another very important thing to me is variety of creatures. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for example is a rather good game if you ask me. One of the lamest things is that there are only a variety of like 10 different creatures. I really hope "the next RPG" will feature a lot and i mean a lot of different creatures. Perhaps some not so important to the game but just to keep the world alive. Birds and Bunnies and Butterflies or whatever. Those lil details make a game good for me.

I hope Larian will consider these most important points for me. If some of you disagree, please say so, I'd like to hear other side of the things too <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />