Im not sure how you are planning to do the fighting
but Im dreaming for a long time about a RPG where we can assign our own combos to our mousebuttons
everyone could have his own unique fighting style and change it so it feels natural for every player
and as your level increases you unlock different combos/skills to use with those combos
because in my opinion most RPGs are just about clicking on your enemys and you need no skill (often just a high lvl, or a good armor)
and that is getting old and boring to me because I played tons of RPGs just like that.
but please at least let us use combos and not always the same attack over and over and over and over again

(and an optional online arena could be fun, and could be a reason to keep playing the game once you did (most of) the quests, or just want a change)
it could also be a way to show that unique fighting style you have developped to your friends, offcourse i dont expect this to be a huge part of the game
but it should be doable to make a small sized arena where you could show your friends your character

and if you choose not to implement this idea (the first one, the second idea was just a thought not something i would really miss in the game)
leave us the choice to just leave the fighting to others and live our RPG live peacefully

There is no spoon !